Registrar #1

Registrar #1 assists you with the verification of your identity on Kusama & Polkadot.

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About Registrar #1


Our Workflow driven Verification Process ensures that all verifications are done the same way for everyone and that nothing is left unchecked. This is done in all transparency and you receive all the data.


25% of all applications take less than 15min. from the on-chain judgement request to the last email of the process. 58% of applications are wrapped up within 60min.

Live Support Chat

Privacy is important. Your success as well! You can reach registrar #1 for assistance without creating any account or installing any software using the Live chat button on this site.


Every identity that has been verified receives the proofs data that can be presented to third parties by the user itself at later time .


The automation of Registrar #1 has been already battle tested and will not let you down. Registrar #1 will always get back to you!

First Registrar

Registrar #1 has been the first registrar verifying identities on both the Kusama and the Polkadot networks. Its processes layed out the standards.

More than a checkmark

Favorable judgement from Registrar #1 are more than just a green checkmark, the content of each identity validated through Registrar #1 has been carefully verified.

Constant improvement

The automation and backend for the registrar is constantly improved to be faster and more resilient. Stay tuned for more!

Success driven

While we obvioulsy cannot garantee that your verification will be successful, we do commit to helping you go through the process.

Start your verification

Starting the verification is simple: set your identity on-chain, send a requestJudgement extrinsic and ensure you pick reg_indexd = 1. Check out the support page for more details.

The button below will open the PolkadotJS UI.

Request Your Judgement

Total Verifications


% under 15 min


% under 60 min


Thanks for the process and for your job!

Staking Facilities

Staking Facilities

Saw your blog about the topic, which I found very useful! That should be shared much more.



Well, it was easy and understable for me. Chevdor was super patient and very friendly to me. Overall perfect


All in all, you rock!

Shawn Tabrizi

Really nice job! I did not realize how automated, thorough, and clear you made the whole process!

Will (Master of Validators)

Will (Master of Validators)

Great as always!


Nothing to say, all good. Chevdor super available

Darwinia Network

Darwinia Network

The verification for multisig is more complex, Chevdor shows great patience and online response which is very helpful to register. Thanks a lot.



The really fast response time was very nice!


Chevdor is super friendly, helpful and nice !



Very efficient - I think I actually enjoyed going through that

The Hodlers' Bay

The Hodlers' Bay

Awesome experience overall. Chevdor (Reg #1) was very professional and had very quick responses. Cheers!


Super helpful and very prompt. Don’t doubt it.