Frequent Questions


What is the registrar index

The reg_index field to provide for Registrar #1 is 1 for both Kusama and Polkadot.

If you want to play on Westend, the reg_index there is 0.

What is the Fee ?

The content for the max_fee field needs to follow the registrar’s requirements. This max_fee may change at anytime.

You can check the current fee from the PolkadotJS UI or simply ask in the Live Chat.

If you are not sure about the max_fee, you can always provide a value that you know is “big enough”. If for instance, you are not sure whether the current fee is 1.10 or 1.15, you are safe providing 1.20. At the end of the process, the registrar will only take its fee and the extra you provided comes back to your account.

What will happen once I start the verification ?

After you send your requestJudgement extrinsic on chain, you will receive a first email from the registrar. This happens obviously only if your identity contains an email.

This first email will explain everything and summarize everything you need to know about your application. Read those emails carefully as the information they contain is there to help you solve most of the issues users may run into.

I sent a request but I am getting no email

The service is listening at the finalized blocks. For this reason, it takes a few seconds after you effectively sent the blocks. The service will usually react within 30s and you will get an email right away. If this is not the case, the chain finality may be a bit behind. Give it 5 minutes. If you still did not get any email after 5 minutes, please get in touch using the Live Chat.

How long does a verification take ?

If we both are online, the verification can be as quick as 5 minutes. 25% of the verifications take less than 15 minutes. 58% of the verifications take less than 1 hour. Most of the applications taking more than 1 hour come from the fact that you and the registrar are in different timezones. The process is made to be asynchronous so don’t worry, your process will not be forgotten.

Do you gather data on the way ?

The registrar is not gathering more data than what is on-chain (and a contact email if you don’t have one on-chain) and solely for the purpose of the verification.

Can I change my identity later ?

Yes you can. You can simply set your identity again (no need to clear anything). However, doing so will void any judgement you previously received. The best is to get in touch with Registrar #1 to plan ahead and ensure your identity is unverified only for a brief moment.