Choose your registrar


Should I pick a single registrar ?

Not at all!

Your account can be:

  • not verified at all
  • verified by a single registrar
  • verified by several registrars

When picking your registrar, you need to consider why you are doing so.

The first motivation is to get the green checkmark that shows up in the UI. But you should also consider further why and who will make use of the registrar’s judgements.

The primary goal today is for users to trust other users without having to run any verification themselves.

Soon, we will see more dApp and aplications that will require to trust the users. Those will likely use trusty registrar that also validated a large amount of accounts.

Registrar rules

Each registrar should somehow defines and stick with a set of defined rules. Ideally, a registrar should also put a process in place that also ensures that these rules cannot be broken.