Set a good identity


How to set your identity

Using the PolkadotJS UI makes setting up your on-chain identity rather trivial.

The questions are:

  • what makes a good identity?
  • what fields should I set?

Each registrar defines its own rules when it comes to the fields that should (or not) be provided. Each registrar also defines how those fields will be verified.

For the verification process of Registrar #1, you must follow the following rules. Those are also send per email during your application.

In the following rules, you will see must (this is not an option in this case) and should (while recommended, the registrar will not block you). Finally may is up to you.

  • You must have at least one communication channel (email, riot, twitter, …)
  • You should set an email. While this is not 100% required and the registrar can accomodate, this should comes very close to a must as email is used by the process to let you know about the progress. If you don’t set an email in your identity, you will have to provide a contact email address to the operator for the time of the verification.
  • Fields must be properly formatted. The process will check that and let you know
  • Fields must not be truncated. If you have a very long email address for instance, it may exceed what the PolkadotJS UI (and the chain) support. As a result, your email may end up being truncated. If that happens, your email will no longer be valid. This is obvioulsy a “no go”.
  • Display Name should be provided. This is what users see… it is all in your interest to set it
  • You may set the Legal Name for the Reasonable status. A Legal Name will be a must for higher statuses later on, this is however not supported yet.
  • You may provide a website.
  • The Twitter field must be formatted as @your_handle (not http://…)
  • The Riot/Matrix/Element field must be formatted as @handle:server.tld (not http://…)
  • Your website must be a full url including http:// (so not just

In case of a doubt, feel free to use the Live Chat and provide your account’s address. We can quickly check your identity.