Get Verified: short version


Short version

So you read the other articles but you want the short version? Here it is!

Set your identity on-chain

In the PolkadotJS UI, go under Account/ Accounts.

Next to your account, you will find a burger menu (3 dots). Select Set on-chain Identity and fill up the fields. Make sure to include an email address.

And that’s pretty much it. You will receive an email that will guide you further and mention what is the current fee.

Request your verification

Now that your identity is set, you can request Registrar #1 to verify it.

For this, you will need to Send an Extrinsic

  • Select your account
  • Select identity / `requestJudgement``
  • provide reg_index = 1
  • provide max_fee = <value>. <value> is something that is changing over time and you should have gotten an email about it.